Coronavirus, latest advice from Department of Education


Updated 24/02/2021 @ 13:00
Further to the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, you will be aware that the intention is for our students to return to college during the week of Monday 8 March (7 March for Sparsholt residential students) – Friday 12 March.
We are currently digesting the lengthy guidance which has been issued by the Government and working through plans for the safe return of our student community. When students return they will be asked to undertake three COVID tests in college over the first two to three week period. Once these initial three tests have been completed at college, students will be given tests to be taken at home.
We will write to all students (and parents of all under 18 year old students) over the next few days advising of the day of the week that they will be coming back on campus. On their first day back students will be asked to take a COVID test where consent has been provided. We thank the vast majority of parents and guardians of under 18s for having completed their COVID Test Consent Forms. If you have not yet done so please return your consent, as a matter of urgency, when we resend the link to you in the coming days.
We have been so impressed by and grateful for our student community’s response to online learning. We can’t wait to see you all back on campus and we look forward to your continued commitment to your learning and to the safety of your fellow learners and college community.

The college websites can be found on the links below. Please do continue to follow these for regular updates over the next few days and weeks and if there are other very significant changes, I will write to you with those:


Last modified: Thursday, 25 February 2021, 1:45 PM